Sunday, November 8, 2009

Follies evening rehearsals start this week!

This week begins Fall Follies evening rehearsals. This schedule was sent home during the first week of school and any conflicts should have been resolved by this week.

A reminder of this week's schedule:

Monday 11/9, 6:30pm - A Cappella Singers
Tuesday 11/10, 6:30pm - Swing Choir
Wednesday 11/11, 6:30pm - ALL CHOIRS (choirs will be dismissed as they are finished - specific time blocks for each choir will be announced this week)
Thursday, 11/12, 6:30pm - Follies Cast A (1st hour, 3rd hour, Bel Canto, Swing Choir, A Cappella) - All choir members should plan to stay for the entire rehearsal!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Follies Costumes

Below are the costumes for this year's Fall Follies. There is no need to spend a lot of money on your costume. Youo may use inexpensive options like shopping at thrift stores and borrowing clothes from friends/family.

Beginning Mixed Choir:
  • Best Years of Our Lives: Hawaiian/Caribbean - board shorts, grass skirts, luau wear, leis, surfer wear, flip-flips/sandals, no bathing suits, please!
  • ABC: Tie-dyed shirt and jeans with athletic shoes
  • Greased Lightning: 50s wear (view "Grease for costume ideas); guys - jeans, white tshirt with sleeves rolled up, black leather jacket if you have it, sneaker or black shoes; girls - poodle skirt, Capri pants, button-down sweater or blouse, scarf around neck or in hair, hair in ponytail if long enough, shoes that match
Advanced Mixed Choir:
  • Eye of the Tiger: "boxing" wear - boxing or basketball shorts, white tank top or t-shirt (school-appropriate - please no spaghetti straps), headband/wristbands, athletic shoes, hands taped if you want
  • Sit Down, You're Rockin the Boat: Black and red dressy combo, black dress or dance shoes
  • I Want You Back: School-appropriate 70s discowear (watch "Saturday Night Fever" for ideas); guys - button-down shirt with big collar, bell-bottom pants, leisure suits, girls - bell bottoms, platforms you can dance in, halter/sparkly/loud print shirt, big jewelry
Bel Canto:
  • Nine to Five: "professional secretary": pencil skirts, button-down shirts, dress pants, vests, blazers, hair pulled back, jackets, glasses
  • Orinoco Flow: black jazz/yoga pants, black short-sleeved fitted shirt, black dance-appropriate shoe, fabric (department will provide)
  • Pocketful of Sunshine: yellow or orange t-shirt, jeans, athletic shoes, sunflower in hair (department will provide)
FINALE (All choirs)
  • Cary-Grove spirit wear in school colors (navy blue, gray, white) OR athletic uniform, jeans, gym shoes