Friday, December 21, 2007

"The Wiz" Cast

Thank you to all who auditioned – your effort is much appreciated and you made our decisions extremely difficult!
Please note: Featured dancers and additional speaking roles will be cast from the Company in January.

The schedule for the first week of rehearsal is:
Monday 1/7, 6:30pm - Entire cast for distribution of schedules
Tuesday 1/8 - Dance rehearsal (those called will be notified)
Wednesday 1/9, 6:30pm - Entire cast
Thursday 1/10 - Dance rehearsal (those called will be notified)
There will be a read-through for all leads(*) immediately after school today in room D19 at 3pm.


The Wiz - Monica Remes*
Dorothy - Kaitlyn Barrett*
Scarecrow - Harry Kuykendall*
Tinman - Chris Eckert*
Lion - Jake Lange*
Lion Understudy - Griff Gatewood*
Addaperle - Kelsey McGrath*
Evillene - Molly MacInnes*
Glinda - Jackie Hill*
Aunt Em - Brittany Gronset*
Pit Singers - Kelsey Wojcik, Jackie Hill, Skye Newhart, Hanna Woodside

Company Women Company Men
Natalie Alms Tanner Agar
Tiffany Au Ben Alleva
Corey Bandur Kyle Blank
Haley Beyer Trey Bugner
Kristyn Blodgett Brian Colbert
Jenn Bostedt Jimmy Faust
Kathryn Cecchin Simon Floeter
Reannan Cote Zac Glaysher
Alyssa Donovan Cody Heche
Margaret Duffy Pat Laughlin
Colleen Favuzzo JJ Lubow
Katie Finlon David Marquis
Alex Fisher John McKune
Kelly Gannon AJ Miculinich
Annie Gleason Kyle Montblanc
Brittany Gronset Kevin Nietzel
Nicole Hall Alex Price
Molly Haleblian Max Rindfleisch
Adriane Hansen Drew Rutledge
Hannah Haynes Ryan Schmidt
Sarah Kedzior Michael Schoch
Rachel Kuchta Cale Singleton
Jess Larsen Colton Strong
Ashley Massow
Sarah McAllister
Morgan McFarlin
Mari Nakashima
Kelsey O'Shaughnessy
Ali Paulson
Amy Peterson
Alayna Pierce
Jill Podgorski
Sam Podgorski
Hayley Prihoda
Amanda Reuter
Stephanie Schmidt
Taylor Smith
Beth Somers
Sally Tashjian
Maggie Teper
Megan Vogeler
Abbe Wienckowski
Erin Wilhelmi
Meghan Wleklinski

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"The Wiz" Final Callbacks

The following individuals are requested for Wednesday night's callback beginning at 6:00pm in the choir room. Please be prepared to sing, dance, and act.


Dorothy Evillene Addaperle
Kaitlyn Barrett Natalie Alms Natalie Alms
Brittany Gronset Hannah Haynes Brittany Gronset
Monica Remes Molly MacInnes Molly MacInnes

Morgan McFarlin

Kelsey McGrath

Erin Wilhelmi

Glinda Aunt Em
Kaitlyn Barrett Brittany Gronset
Jackie Hill Hanna Woodside
Molly MacInnes
Monica Remes
Erin Wilhelmi

Scarecrow Tinman Lion
Chris Eckert Chris Eckert Griff Gatewood
Harry Kuykendall Jimmy Faust Jake Lange
AJ Miculinich Harry Kuykendall David Marquis

Kevin Nietzel Michael Schoch

The Wiz

Jesse Crumbley

Monday, December 17, 2007

Callbacks for "The Wiz"

The following people are requested for Tuesday's dance and acting callback. All leads are called for acting auditions at 6:00pm in the auditorium. The dance callback is as follows:

6:00pm - Featured dancers (girls only) those with previous dance training. Please bring both jazz and ballet shoes if you have them
7:15pm - All other girls who did not attend the previous audition
8:15pm - All men

All girls called back for Pit Singers: please see Mr. B for additional audition materials. You will be asked to sing these selections at Wednesday's callback.

Dorothy Glinda Addaperle
Brittany Gronset Erin Wilhelmi Colleen Favuzzo
Erin Wilhelmi Jackie Hill Brittany Gronset
Monica Remes Kaitlyn Barrett Erin Wilhelmi
Jackie Hill Ashley Massow Alex Levels
Kaitlyn Barrett Kelsey O'Shaughnessy Natalie Alms
Sarah Kedzior Molly MacInnes Sarahi Serrano

Monica Remes Megan Vogeler

Morgan McFarlin

Kelly Gannon

Kelsey Wojcik

Kathryn Cecchin

Molly MacInnes

Evillene Aunt Em Pit Singers
Natalie Alms Brittany Gronset Jackie Hill
Jess Larsen Kelly Gannon Jess Larsen
Hannah Haynes Hanna Woodside Adriane Hansen
Kelsey McGrath
Kelly Gannon
Molly MacInnes
Kelsey O'Shaughnessy

Kelsey Wojcik

Skye Newhart

Hanna Woodside

Lion Tinman Scarecrow
Dave Marquis Jimmy Faust Chris Eckert
Griff Gatewood Kevin Nietzel AJ Miculinich
John McKune Brian Colbert Harry Kuykendall
JJ Lubow Trey Bugner

Michael Schoch

Alex Price

Kyle Blank
The Wiz

Jake Lange
Jesse Crumbley

Drew Rutledge

Cody Heche

Chorus Male Chorus Female
Zac Glaysher Corey Bandur
Pat Laughlin Alyssa Donovan
Max Rindfleisch Ali Paulson
Ben Alleva Nicole Hall
Cale Singleton Reannan Cote
Simon Floeter Alex Fisher
Ian Dalton Rachel Kuchta
Chris Federighi Kailey Bachner
Ryan Schmidt Caitlyn Reizman
Kyle Montblanc Lauren Cole
Colton Strong Erin Blank
Devin Lasker Kristyn Blodgett

Amy Peterson

Carly Loeffel

Taryn DeVries

Katie Logan

Amanda Reuter

Claire Kelly

Haley Beyer

Abbe Wienckowski

Molly Haleblian

Jessica Byrd

Sam Podgorski

Jackie Breen

Hayley Prihoda

Ashley Barrett

Anna Krupp

Annie Gleason

Tara Lauritsen

Brittany Koss

Margaret Duffy

Monica Worsley

Beth Somers

Chelsea Rickert

Christina Mazurek

Michelle Schoch

Jill Podgorski

Meagan Martin

Maggie Smith

Taylor Smith

Megan O'Connor

Tiffany Au

Sally Tashjian

Jenn Bostedt

Alyssa Baggio

Sarah McAllister

Mari Nakashima

Alayna Pierce

Maggie Teper

Elizabeth Powers

Melisa Rojas

Carolyn Tollberg

Stephanie Schmidt

Meghan Wleklinski